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Three essential measures to help your schedule become reality

There are some simple steps you can take to ensure your project comes in on time. Use this as a check list for a project you are running today or just starting. Even better, if you’ve just been given a project that’s already started, this essential information can help you take control quickly.

1) Have you got clear agreements from your sponsor and users on what the product or service you’re creating should look like, how it should work and why it is being created? Without this you’ll be chasing a moving target.

2) Have you got some form of change control in place? In can be as simple as an email with an agreed Subject header, i.e. Change NOTIFICATION, or Change REQUEST, and an excel spreadsheet or word document to log the changes. Without this it will be like trying to organise a game of football without a referee, you’re going to struggle.

3) Have you got ‘buy-in’ from those responsible for providing you with the people and resources you'll need? To you, your project is your baby and is the best thing your company has ever done. To everybody else, it’s another distraction in an already very busy day.


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