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Get the Project Organisation right and you are set up for success

Delivering a project, managing change is a team effort but your team is busy doing other things and they don't often talk to each. So you need to understand how your company delivers projects, who's involved and who's their boss. How does the information flow, where are the decisions made, you need to know how to work the company's project delivery system. It's going to be part tact and part tactics.

1. Ensure you've got the right level of senior representation in key areas of delivery on the project. When decisions need to be made on direction or scope, this can save the day for you.

2. Plan carefully your regular meetings, who should attend and the agenda of each. Get these meetings in to the diaries of key people on your project and you're already ahead of the game.

3. Map your meetings to your reporting cycle to ensure your regular reports are bang up to date.


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