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It is becoming increasingly clear that there is a need for clear, practical and simple project and programme management information for both novice and advanced project management professionals alike.

As a result of this - and as a 'thank you' for visiting my site, I have set up a FREE VIP Newsletter. I have decided to give you thousands of pounds worth of free project management information which I'll deliver by email to you - absolutely FREE.

Why am I giving you this information for Free? I hope this will be the beginning of a lifelong relationship and secondly, I've had enough of the fact that literally thousands of project managers around the world are struggling because there's nobody to show them both the basic and advanced fundamentals of project and programme management simply and effectively.

They're wasting time and money on training courses, books, methodologies, standards and processes, they're being given bad advice and even those project managers that are doing well could probably be doing better.

One of my missions is to get this information out to more people. I want to use the power of the Internet and Email to give you instant access to project and programme management information that you can use immediately to make a difference. I'll send you tips, tricks, strategies and project and programme management secrets that will grow your reputation and leave your colleagues stunned. Just fill out this form and your first tips will arrive in minutes - and it's totally FREE.

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